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Scott Stapley – Co-Founder of BigScoots

March 29, 2024 / Hosting / 0 comments

I am Scott, the Co-founder of BigScoots,  a fully managed WordPress hosting provider launched in 2010 and today supports over 20,000 clients around the world.

The Journey Began

My entrepreneurial journey took a few different turns to arrive at where I am today. I initially enrolled in college at the age of 23 to build a career in biomedical engineering.

However, it did not take long to realize that my desire to explore business opportunities outweighed the academic path I was on. I simply changed direction. Fortunately for me, my friend Justin joined me, and together we launched BigScoots.

Scott at Fortress

The Need for “BigScoots”

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BigScoots was built on the idea that the hosting industry needed a player who was truly committed to customer care and managed services. 

It needed more of a partner who takes the time to understand client needs, as opposed to merely offering services like a utility. The market needed something different.

Justin and I started BigScoots, which delivers infrastructure and colocation services for Fortune 500 companies in the Chicagoland area. 

However as the use of WordPress grew with users and in enterprise environments,  we recognized a need for specialized WordPress hosting and management services. So we pivoted. 

This transition paved the way for BigScoots to evolve into the WordPress hosting space, equipped with a custom-built portal and a dedication to industry-standard managed services.

Myself with my Brilliant Team

I am deeply involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure that BigScoots maintains its reputation for providing top-notch services. Fortunately, this passion and drive for excellence is shared by our entire team at BigScoots.  

Together, our team has been fostering a community-driven environment that actively contributes to improving WordPress use and overall performance. 

It’s always gratifying to hear the positive feedback and see the 5-star reviews from our clients to validate that these efforts have not gone unnoticed. We recently asked our clients to rate us via a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and were amazed to see the results. 

Aside from achieving an astonishing 90+ NPS score, I was even more excited to see that almost everyone took the time to write lengthy comments about how happy they were with their service and support. This is a testament to the efforts of our entire BigScoots team.  

Advice for Business Owners

For aspiring business owners, I would recommend that you find something that you are genuinely passionate about and then commit to being exceptional at it. If you choose a niche that aligns with your interests and expertise, you set a foundation for long-term success.

People ultimately buy from people that they like and believe in. If you offer something that people need, chances are that others will as well. But if you demonstrate authentic belief and commitment to your business, you can stand out. 

The story of how and why you started your business can often become your greatest differentiator. 

WordPress & Beyond

I am excited about where BigScoots is headed. We have recently grown our team with seasoned experts from the WordPress and hosting industry whose skills will help us significantly grow our trajectory of service while still maintaining our cost-effectiveness. 

As for WordPress, I envision continued growth in the future, with businesses like BigScoots playing a pivotal role in offering specialized services and technologies. Like BigScoots, I see WordPress continuing to evolve to meet and exceed user needs.

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My Love for the WordPress Community

Many of our team members, including myself, are passionate about the WordPress community. Yet, we have primarily engaged with that community through our clients. 

We have worked behind the scenes with WordPress users directly to improve issues on a one-on-one basis,  building solutions in response to specific needs. 

BigScoots as an organization has been relatively quiet, publicly. So much in fact, that people are surprised to learn that we have been delivering WordPress hosting far longer than many of the other well-known brands. We just focused more on our clients than marketing.

Recently, however, BigScoots made the decision this year to make itself more present in the larger community and has begun to increase our involvement by sponsoring events and actively sharing our story. 

This will allow us to gain new valuable feedback from the community. In turn, we hope this increased interest in the community will foster new interest in BigScoots from the community.

Scott at WordCamp

How I Keep Myself Updated

As mentioned before, I am deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of BigScoots. These interactions with our internal team, our clients, and our partners tend to keep me immersed in the ever-changing challenges and successes with WordPress. 

While I do follow and read community newsletters and forums, I have found that the best way for me to stay connected is to be immersed in it. I learn better by doing it rather than reading about it.

No matter what role someone has in our organization, I encourage everyone on our team to roll up their sleeves and jump right in.  It’s the best way to understand what our clients are experiencing.

I Have a Life Other Than the Work

While I do tend to keep myself busy with BigScoots, I realize the importance of a work and life balance. For me, I find that balance by spending time with my family. 

My joy comes from the simplest of things, like building snowmen with my young daughter during winter months in Connecticut.


Scott Skiing

I Reward Myself by 

Professionally, the true reward for my efforts at work comes from the daily interactions within the team, the high-fives,  and the positive feedback that we receive from the clients that we support. 

We attend a very popular tradeshow for WordPress bloggers each year. And inevitably, several clients feel compelled to visit our team to tell us about their wonderful experience with their BigScoots service. 

Many have even hugged our team members out of joy. Seeing that kind of reaction to services is unbelievably gratifying. 

It truly demonstrates that building strong connections within the community and being a valuable contributor is a winning combination. 

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Connect With Me

For those interested in connecting and delving deeper into my journey and the ongoing story of BigScoots, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn or jump into a live chat on the BigScoots site. We are always online and ready to chat. 

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