Robert Rooke of PressHero

Robert Rooke – Founder of PressHero.co

December 1, 2023 / Agencies

My name is Rob Rooke, and I am the founder of PressHero. I live in London, Ontario, Canada. Curiosity drove my childhood, always tinkering with chemistry, building or fixing things, and experimenting. I am a born problem-solver but love to…

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Rob Marlbrough of Press Wizards

Rob Marlbrough – Founder of Press Wizards

October 5, 2023 / Agencies

I am Rob Marlbrough Jr., founder of Press Wizards. A San Diego native who graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business (major in Information Systems), with many years of experience in corporate information technology,…

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  • James Rose of Content Snare

    James Rose – Founder of Content Snare

    April 10, 2020 / Agencies

    I am James and I’m from sunny Brisbane, Australia.  Most people call me Jimmy and others are still confused about what to call me. WordPress got onto my radar around 2006 when I started a silly personal blog. I was…

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