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I am Mauro, and I have been a passionate web developer since 2009. I live in the beautiful Rome, the eternal city, the capital of the lovely country of Italy.

I started this job as a hobby when I got (many years ago, sigh) an MD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Never thought that one day I might convert my hobby into my job, but you know, sometimes life surprises you.

I worked as an independent full-stack developer for many companies over the years, and ACPT is my first commercial WordPress plugin.

The Journey Began

When I began this job, I would develop everything from scratch (back-end to front) and rework the wheel every time.

I can express it in one word: it was a painful experience.

PHP frameworks like Codigniter were my go-to option, but I required a more comprehensive solution.

I started using WordPress to make simple blogs and websites.

Despite everything, the WordPress ecosystem underwent rapid growth over time.

Nowadays, it is possible to use WordPress to create almost anything, even if in some cases it’s not recommended.

WordPress is simply amazing due to its flexibility, which I love.

The Need for “ACPT.io”


For my own sake, I started ACPT.

Even the simplest WordPress project necessitates at least two elements: custom post types and custom fields.

I couldn’t bear the thought of reinventing the wheel every time, so I created a very basic plugin.

At that point, I grasped the commercial potential of this kind of project and made the decision to go out on my own to start a new adventure!

There is competition in the market for dynamic data plugins. however, it has enormous potential.

Playing on the same field as the major players, like ACF, MetaBox, or Crocoblock, is a daily challenge.

I can only tell you that there were multiple unpleasant instances when a critical bug appeared; I am unable to recall a single worst experience at this time. 

However, I constantly maintain great relationships with the client base, which I am really proud of and which allows me to overcome the obstacles and point the boat in the right direction.

Currently, my only WordPress commercial product is ACPT 🙂

My Office Setup

I am the lone ACPT runner at the moment. 

And I am delighted to share a picture of my workspace!

Mauro Cassani’s workspace

Advice for Business Owners

I only have one piece of advice for anyone considering starting a new business.

Consider and focus on the wants and issues of your potential customers. An individual’s opportunity is another person’s trouble.

Put a lot of effort and devotion into your work. Engage in conversation with your clients. They will lead you in the correct route if you listen to what they are saying.

I assure you that if you develop quality software, it will become commercially successful.

The particular niche (Agency, Blogging, Hosting, Developer, Plugin, Theme, etc.) that one should focus on truly relies on personal preferences and skill sets (developing, dev-ops, copywriting, etc…).

As I previously stated, identify the issue first and then work toward a solution. And then you will get the answer to your question 🙂

WordPress & Beyond

Currently, ACPT is a “one-man-show”. 

This is obviously not optimal. However, even the most prosperous endeavors began with little.

My objective is to continue raising the standard of ACPT while adding more team members over time. 

I expect WordPress to maintain its dominant position in the website-building tools market, even in the face of competition.   

WordPress will remain relevant over time due to its dependability, ease of use, and massive user base.

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My Love for the WordPress Community

My bad, I missed the recent WordCamp Europe in Torino.It is really beneficial to share experiences with others. 

I’ve noticed that occasionally, as engineers, we might become so preoccupied with specific issues with our products that we fail to notice the bigger picture.  

Reestablishing priorities also benefits greatly from hearing about the experiences and mistakes of others, as this provides an outside perspective.

I met a lot of wonderful new friends and got to know other plugin/theme authors because of ACPT. I find it really inspiring!

A special mention to Mark Westguard, who takes care of the integration of WSForms with ACPT, he did an amazing job.

However, I believe that my clients are my greatest friends since they enable me to continue developing as an entrepreneur and programmer. 

How I Keep Myself Updated

I always set aside some time each day for learning.

Stay current might be a challenge, but there are countless opportunities on the Internet.

I became a subscriber to numerous helpful YouTube channels, like Kevin Powell, WPTuts, Laracasts, and others. 

I occasionally read scholarly articles.

I Have a Life Other Than the Work

In addition to enjoying reading, I play a variety of sports to stay active (such as football, canyoning, swimming, and snowboarding)

Although I enjoy traveling, I don’t have a particular favorite place to visit.

I enjoy learning about and experiencing different cultures. Whenever I visit a new nation, the first thing I do is learn the greetings “Hello” and “Thank you” in the native tongue. It’s the most fundamental way to communicate with others.

I have a cat named Mela, which translates to “apple” in Italian. She is so adorable, you will fall in love with her!!

Mauro Cassani’s cat

I Reward Myself by 

I consider myself to be a lucky man. I have a great partner, a beautiful family, and excellent friends.

For me, anything from hiking to going on a shopping trip to enjoying a wonderful dinner out is a pleasure.

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