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Anil Gupta – Co-Founder of Multidots

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My name is Anil Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of Multidots, Multicollab, and DotStore – renowned for helping enterprise brands like PepsiCo, Ask.com, Penguin Random House, and Sirius XM with WordPress publishing. An Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, I am passionate about Enterprise WordPress, Personal Growth, and Mindfulness.

I currently live in Austin, Texas. I am a certified Yoga teacher and I host a podcast called Peaceful Growth. I am on a continuous journey to build an extraordinary life through performance hacking and personal transformation, many parts of which I share at Learn+Grow.

You can read more of my life’s story, here

Anil’s Achievements

The Journey Began

Before WordPress, my digital journey was shaped by the decisions I took during college in 2004. Despite the financial obstacles, I pursued a degree in Computer Application Development, achieving the 7th position in my first year. To cover my college fees, I took up a part-time job in web development using the LAMP stack. 

Post-graduation, I took up jobs as a web developer until the 2009 global recession when I got unemployed. I had the opportunity to reflect. So, I took a bold step and launched my own web agency, Multidots, on May 1st, 2009. This marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.

The Need for “Multidots “

Multidots Logo

The idea to kickstart Multidots was born from a mix of personal experiences and a mindset I developed during some tough times. Post-graduation, I landed various web developer roles, even leading a team. I continued to focus on learning and growing. 

I started earning well. My life has started to get better. I was progressing well until the Global Recession in 2009 cost me my job. Though I only discovered Stoicism at age 30 through Ryan Holiday’s book, my life’s adversities had already shaped my Stoic perspective. 

I learned to face obstacles with a positive perception, courageous action, and disciplined will. Losing my job provided time to reflect on my passion and potential. 

My entrepreneurial dreams turned into reality on May 1st, 2009, with the birth of my first web agency business, Multidots. The initial days at Multidots were a blend of financial challenges, the struggle to create a brand identity and the uncertainty of business.

There was no financial safety net, nor did we boast an existing customer base to help us start easy. One of our most pressing challenges was managing limited resources. 

We had to be very sound with decision-making. It was a constant juggling act; we had to make sure that every expenditure contributed to the company’s growth and sustainability. 

As a new player in the field, gaining recognition and trust amidst the competitive industry landscape was also a huge challenge. Yet, it was precisely all these challenges that laid the groundwork for our journey, bringing us forward to this day.

Our Brands:

Multicollab – Our Google Docs-Style collaboration plugin helps WordPress content teams collaborate within the Gutenberg editor, saving a lot of (~42%) time for you and your team.

Multidots – An Inc. 5000 company and one of the top WordPress development companies in the world. We are also one of the preferred enterprise WordPress implementation partners (WordPress VIP Gold Partner) selected by Automattic – the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, and Tumblr. 

DotStore – Committed to building high-quality WooCommerce plugins that help users make extra profits, better sales, and faster checkout for their WooCommerce store.

Myself with my Brilliant Team

Anil with Team

Advice for Business Owners

In my 13 years of entrepreneurship journey, I have learned from both my successes and failures. Here are my 13 lessons that helped me grow my business at a 65% growth rate.

  1. Every business has some level of chaos, confusion, and conflicts
  2. Strive to be a specialist, not a generalist
  3. All changes are hard in the beginning, messy in the middle, and great at the end
  4. Not ready or uncomfortable?
  5. Less is more
  6. Long-term goals require patience and persistence
  7. Think from the mind and act from the heart
  8. Choose people and productivity over profit
  9. Excellent Efforts > Perfect Results
  10. Ninty-day commitment to new hires
  11. Not everyone is equal
  12. Know your real obstacle
  13. Don’t stop learning

WordPress & Beyond

Our current strategy for Multidots involves aiming for a steady 20% growth quarterly. Currently, our focus lies in a three-year plan, raising our current annual revenue from 3 million to 9 million

Speaking of future landscapes, it would be interesting to explore your insights on the trajectory of WordPress over the next five years.

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My Love for the WordPress Community

WordCamps are great for learning and meeting new people. I attend WordCamps regularly and often opt to be a speaker as the opportunity arises. 

How I Keep Myself Updated

To stay updated on all things related to WordPress, I mostly rely on insightful PostStatus newsletters and several other engaging WordPress podcasts. 

Attending WordCamps further helps me foster in-person connections and deepen my knowledge.

I Have a Life Other Than the Work

Walking my dog, listening to Podcasts, reading books, Meditating, Yoga, and Hiking are a few things I like to do

I also take a week-long growth trip every 3 months to aid my personal growth and spiritual journey. 

Special Discount

I appreciate you taking the time to read through my story, and as a humble gesture of gratitude, if you decide to purchase any DotStore or Multicollab plugin, please feel free to enjoy a generous 30% discount.

I hope this discount adds a touch of value to your experience. Thank you for considering our plugins.

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