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Pau Plana – Co-Founder of Tresipunt

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I am Pau Plana, Co-Founder of Tresipunt and the brain behind the screen. I have a degree in Computer Engineering from the Escola Universitària Politècnica de Vilanova i la Geltrú. But here, it is not the title that defines me but what I do with it. 

And what do I do? Well, I’m one of the bosses in charge at 3ipunt(Tresipunt), a position that has allowed me to consolidate more than two decades of experience in the field of e-learning and web development.

Despite my professional commitment, I can’t forget my passion for football, especially my unwavering loyalty to Barça. I follow the team through the storms because true love is forever, even in hard times!

Oh, and speaking of home, Sitges is my paradise. I’ve been here all my life, and now I share my corner with Carla and our little Nia. So, between lines of code, frustrated goals, and afternoons on the beach, here I am, always ready for the next challenge!

The Journey Began

Before WordPress, I was quite familiar with the Joomla CMS and with pure HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It was the first contact I had with the web world.

We saw that WordPress was becoming more and more present in the web world and we decided to take the plunge. Since then, we have remained the reference CMS for our client’s web creation. I’m talking about 17 years from now; long journey 😉

The Need for 3ipunt

Tresipunt Logo

The three partners met at university, and after working in another company, we were approached about the possibility of starting our own company to work as external partners on the same project we were already working on.

And we decided to take the plunge because we wanted to try our hand at entrepreneurship. We knew we wanted to do things our own way, to be a company that used open-source tools to create custom solutions for other companies, and so we started.

With solutions based on open source, I defend this philosophy based on collaboration as a formula to go a step further and respond to the specific needs of each client.

Well, as usual, the beginning was really difficult. The clients, usually bigger than us, pay us with delay, and the taxes and other expenses, had to be covered ASAP. When we were 5 people, we really had cash flow tensions and we thought not to continue with the project. But we finally moved forward, and luckily, one of these people is still on the team and is now our best WordPress woman!

I own three products:

Myself with my Brilliant Team

We are a team of professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the technology world. Throughout the history of 3ipunt(Tresipunt), we have evolved, both in number and quality. We are a small big family. 

If there is a term that defines us, it would be computer craftsmen. And no, not because we develop software with clay no, but because we take care of every detail as if it was a work of art, giving a high added value. We are firmly committed to Free Software, and that is why we base our integral consultancy services in information and communication technologies on it.

Working in the world of software means being up to date and besides knowing the latest Rosalía hit, we are in constant movement and training. We have an agile and flexible structure that allows us to adapt quickly to market changes. As well as to the needs and requirements of our projects.

Pau Plana with tresipunt team

Advice for Business Owners

I’m nobody to give advice to anyone about that. Everyone had his moment and motivation to create a new business. In our case, we were young and we didn’t have too much to lose, so we tried it. And look at us, now we are celebrating our 20th anniversary and we are almost 50 people on the team!

If you put passion into your work, try to be motivated and learn all the time, you can get over any difficulties that you face.

Starting with a product is hard; probably other people are thinking the same as you right now…

I think it is better to go for services, development, hosting, content creation, etc… Then you can grow with clients and projects, and you can identify what they need, and cover it with honesty and best practices, then you can earn their confidence and this is the key for the upselling or long term relationships that allow you to ensure the company.

WordPress & Beyond

Tresipunt Family

What are your plans to grow your business?
We are now a mature company, and we have a lot of experience. We will put all our knowledge into the edtech market to create a product (Smatx) that is what the market needs.

Where do you see WordPress in the next FIVE years?
5 years in this environment is too much time to say anything. Remember that 5 years ago, the covid was a rare illness somewhere, and the AI is a sci-fi movie with Will Smith…

Is there any threat to WordPress from competitors?
WordPress is one of the most used CMS on the internet, so their competitors want to change that, and they focus their efforts on saying that it is vulnerable to security problems or has a lot of problems with performance and all the weaknesses that we all know.

But the truth is that WordPress is still on the top.

I think that the most important thing is to trust in a good WordPress provider, that helps you manage the WordPress updates and the keeping the hosting secure. With these tips, your WordPress site will be unstoppable.

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My Love for the WordPress Community

We have attended WordCamp Europe 2022 and have been sponsors of WordCamp Barcelona 2023. In addition, the 3ipunt(Tresipunt) team also participated in Contributor Day, which was the most attended in history with over 800 participants!!!

A special day where both new and experienced members of the community gathered and learned about the different ways one can get involved in the WordPress project. Our WordPress developers attended this global event to continue their training and share their experience and the new opportunities that this CMS offers us.

WordCamp Europe (Oporto, 2022)

How I Keep Myself Updated

I attend a few WordCamps or meetups related to the WordPress world and consult the websites/blogs of consolidated people in the industry.

I Have a Life Other Than the Work

In my free time, I love to immerse myself in the world of sports, whether it’s watching a good game of football or basketball. I’m also a “Diable” in my spare time, enjoying the thrill of playing the devil in “correfocs” and local traditions.

When I’m in relaxation mode, the Nintendo Switch is my best companion for disconnecting and going on virtual adventures.

Talking about destinations, my traveler’s heart beats with special affection for Mexico. The beaches, the food, which is a real feast for the palate, and the warmth of the people create a perfect cocktail. But my star activity there is to feel the sea breeze while riding a jet ski along the spectacular beaches of Cancun, where fun is at its best!

I Reward Myself by 

I do like to reward myself with different activities such as:

  • Traveling to other countries
  • Spending time with my family
  • Rewarding my employees
  • Donating to a cause
  • Or anything you wanna mention

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