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What Founders Say About WordCamps and Why You Should Attend Them

June 21, 2024 / News & Updates / 0 comments

WordCamps are happening all around the globe more frequently than ever. For instance, in 2023 alone, there were nearly 80 WordCamps held worldwide, attracting thousands of WordPress enthusiasts and professionals. Alongside these major events, smaller WordPress and WooCommerce meetups, as well as gatherings organized by WordPress product companies, are on the rise.

Meetups and WordCamps provide an exciting opportunity to connect with people who share your interests. These events are not just networking hubs; they’re energizing experiences that can reignite your passion for your work within the WordPress ecosystem.

Many individuals and businesses use these events to further their goals. Whether it’s finding a new job, closing sales, meeting customers face-to-face, marketing products directly to new audiences, or getting involved in organizing, speaking, and sponsoring, the possibilities are endless.

At WPfounders, we closely monitor WordCamps and have gathered insights from over 100 founders of WordPress companies about their thoughts on these events and why they believe others should attend.

  1. Pau Plana
  2. Phil Storey
  3. Nirav Mehta
  4. Krys Lambiase
  5. Mihail Stoychev
  6. Satinder Singh
  7. Anil Gupta
  8. Marius Vetrici
  9. Aurelio Volle
  10. Bob Dunn
  11. Mark Westguard
  12. Parvez Akhter
  13. Saad Iqbal
  14. Anh Tran
  15. Nazmul Hasan Rupok
  16. Chris Badgett
  17. Jarrett Gucci
  18. Hari Shanker
  19. Oliver Sild
  20. Rytis Lauris
  21. Rob Marlbrough
  22. Vikas Singhal
  23. Robert Abela
  24. Raushan Jaiswal
  25. Topher DeRosia
  26. Thomas Koschwitz
  27. Katie Keith
  28. Todd Robinson
  29. Justin Ferriman
  30. Laura Nelson
  31. Mizanur Rahaman
  32. Andrew Palmer
  33. Arindo Duque
  34. Sonal Sinha
  35. Shikhil Sharma
  36. Hans & Donata
  37. Jean Baptiste
  38. Jason Resnick
  39. Adrian Spiac
  40. Maddy Osman
  41. Gijo Varghese
  42. Yoni Luksenberg
  43. Istiak Rayhan
  44. Trey Gardner

We have attended WordCamp Europe 2022 and have been sponsors of WordCamp Barcelona 2023. In addition, the 3ipunt(Tresipunt) team also participated in Contributor Day, which was the most attended in history with over 800 participants!!!.

Pau Plana – Founder of Tresipunt

Phil Storey of Glow

It’s my personal mission to attend as many WordCamps as possible, and I’m really excited for WordCamp Europe in Italy in June 2024. I’ve met some great new contacts at WordCamps in the past, and it’s such a thriving and positive community. Throughout my career, I’ve always been a big believer in networking, meeting new people and building relationships. So WordCamps suit me perfectly.

Phil Storey – Founder of Glow

Nirav Mehta of StoreApps

Attending WordCamps and WordPress meetups is a significant part of my engagement with the WordPress community. These gatherings feel like school reunions to me, and I cherish the friendships I have made through them. WordCamps provides a welcoming and open environment where even newcomers can approach anyone to learn and connect. I make it a point to attend as many WordCamps as possible, as they offer valuable opportunities for growth and networking.

Nirav Mehta – Co-founder of StoreApps

Krys Lambiase of Bluehost

I’ve attended several WordCamps and love talking to other members of the community. It’s inspiring to see the work that people are doing in the plugin space specifically.

Krys Lambiase – Founder of Bluehost

Mihail of NitroPack

I attended my first WCEU in 2023, and I was hooked. My team had told me about the power of the WordPress community, but seeing it with my own eyes made me a convert. Since then, we’ve sponsored multiple other WordCamps and local meetups. And the fun fact, NitroPack has its own Wapuu.

Mihail Stoychev – Co-Founder Mihail Stoychev

Satinder Singh of Cool Plugins

However, in 2023, I attended WordCamp Asia with Davinder Singh (Founder of TheWPWeekly) & Simrandeep (Author of PowerPack Addons for Elementor), and that’s when I truly understood the value of this community and connections.

Satinder Singh – Founder of Cool Plugins

Anil Gupta of Multidots

WordCamps are great for learning and meeting new people. I attend WordCamps regularly and often opt to be a speaker as the opportunity arises.

Anil Gupta – Founder of Multidots

Marius Vetrici of WPRiders

I regularly attend WordCamps. As for meetups, for 5 years, I’ve been the host and one of the volunteers who grew the Bucharest meetup to 1000+ members.

Marius Vetrici – Founder of WPRiders

Aurelio Volle of WP Umbrella

I actively sponsor or participate in WordCamps and meetups worldwide, like WordCamp Europe and Europe. These events are networking opportunities and learning experiences that shape our strategies and products at WP Umbrella.

Aurelio Volle – WP Umbrella

Bob Dunn of Do the Woo - BobWP

I’ve attended and run Meetups and WordCamps since 2010, around the same time I started getting more involved with the community. I have made hundreds of friends and met thousands of incredible WordPressers. And I don’t see that letting up anytime soon if I can help it.

Bob Dunn – Founder of Do The Woo

Mark Westguard of WS Form

As well as trying to attend as many WordCamps as I am able, WS Form also likes to sponsor WordCamp too, some of which we do not even attend.

Mark Westguard – Founder of WS Form

Parvez Akhter of ThriveDesk

Oh yes, I attend as many WordCamps as possible along with my team. Attending WordCamps and WordPress events benefits me as a SaaS business owner. First off, they give me a chance to network with fellow professionals, potential customers, and even competitors.

Parvez Akhter – Founder and CEO of ThriveDesk, ThemeXpert, & WPSmartPay

Saad Iqbal of WPExperts

WordCamp and WordPress meetups really help us to meet different WordPressers and provide us the opportunities to listen to their stories and get unique inspirations from them.

Saad Iqbal – Founder of WPExperts

Anh Tran – Founder of Meta Box

I think the WordPress community is an essential part of the WordPress ecosystem. If you haven’t attended any WordCamp or meetup, you should do it immediately. It’s a chance to know the WordPress world, WordPress people, products and make connections.

Anh Tran – Founder of Meta Box

I try to attend WordCamps as frequently as I can. It’s a fun experience to meet people and travel to new countries, and I aim to attend them every three to four months.

Nazmul Hasan Rupok – Co-Founder & CEO of WPDeveloper

Chris Badgett – Co-Founder of LifterLMS

I have attended, sponsored, and helped organize WordCamps. These events are a great way for a primarily virtual community to connect.

Chris Badgett – Co-Founder of LifterLMS

Jarrett Gucci – Founder of WP Fix It

I have been a presenter in 16 other WordCamps throughout the United States and a keynote speaker in St Louis back in 2017.

Jarrett Gucci – Founder of WP Fix It

Hari Shanker - Program Manager - Automattic

For those interested in community involvement, I encourage embracing the calling and starting by organizing meetups and WordCamps.

Hari Shanker – Program Manager at Automattic

Oliver Sild – Founder of WebArx

I think WordCamps are definitely important for the community to get closer. WordCamps does feel more like a community event rather than a conference.

Oliver Sild – Founder of Patchstack

Rytis Lauris of Omnisend

I attend WordPress meetups and WordCamps; I find them beneficial for understanding the community. Contributor days are particularly useful for making contributions and being involved.

Rytis Lauris – Founder of Omnisend

Rob Marlbrough of Press Wizards

I actively participate in WordCamps and WordPress meetups whenever possible. These events hold immense value for both me and the WordPress community as a whole. For me, attending WordCamps and meetups allows me to stay connected with the vibrant WordPress community, and gain insights into the latest trends, developments, and best practices.

Rob Marlbrough – Founder of Press Wizards

Vikas Singhal of InstaWP

I openly admit that I am a hardcore WordPress lover and don’t mind going the extra mile to connect and upgrade the community. If a WordCamp is happening, I make sure that I mark my attendance there. There is so much to learn.

Vikas Singhal – Founder of InstaWP

Robert Abela – Founder of Melapress

We do attend WordCamps, and we also sponsor a few as well, however, not as much as we want to. WordCamps are great because you meet a lot of people, share ideas, and it gives you a lot of motivation.

Robert Abela – Founder of Melapress

Raushan Jaiswal of Rara Themes

I have also attended WordCamps outside of Nepal. These events have provided me with valuable knowledge-sharing opportunities and allowed me to have intimate conversations with WordPress product founders.

Raushan Jaiswal – Founder of Rara Themes

Topher DeRosia of HeroPress

I love attending WordCamps and meetups. I’ve been to maybe 90 WordCamps now. Well, let’s count them as Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Topher DeRosia – Founder of Rara Themes

Thomas Koschwitz of GREYD.

I attended my first WP meetups in 2020/2021, when they started again after Corona, followed by my first WordCamps (Vienna and WCEU in Porto). Since then I have been a regular attendee at international WordCamps, and GREYD is a regular sponsor. I really love these events because they are so special and different from any business-related event I have been to before. WordCamps has helped me to finally understand what “WP community” really means.

Thomas Koschwitz – Founder of GREYD.

Katie Keith of Barn2 Plugins

I try to be as involved as possible with the WordPress community. I attend both WordCamp Europe and WordCamp US, and this year Barn2 is sponsoring WCEU for the first time which is very exciting.ls I made were at WordCamp U.S. and WordCamp Europe.

Katie Keith – Founder of Barn2 Plugins

Todd Robinson of InMotion Hosting

I really love the WordPress community and I love supporting it. From sponsoring WordCamps to InMotion Hosting employees attending virtual and local events; we love being involved.

Todd Robinson – Founder of InMotion Hosting

Justin Ferriman of GapScout

When running LearnDash I not only attended WordCamps, but I helped to organize them as well. I always looked forward to networking and simply meeting new people. Some of the best business deals I made were at WordCamp U.S. and WordCamp Europe.

Justin Ferriman – Founder of LearnDash

Laura Nelson of WooCommerce

I love the WordPress community. The first WordCamp I went to was WordCamp Europe in Vienna in 2016, and two weeks later, signed up to help organize my local WordCamp. Two years later, I took the lead organizer role at WordCamp Brighton

Laura Nelson – of Woocommerce

Mizanur Rahaman of Theme Rally

I love meeting people at WordCamps and small meetups. I have been to WordCamp in India and Nepal. For WordCamp Asia 2020, I booked an air ticket, and got the visa but… you know what happened!

Mizanur Rahaman – Founder of Theme Rally

Andrew Palmer of Divi Sorted

I love the WordPress community – although I have to say, after visiting a lot of WordCamps (when we could) I did tend to see the same people or type of people presenting and attending.

Andrew Palmer – Founder of Divi Sorted

Arindo Duque of WP Ultimo

The WordPress community, for me, it’s one of the best things about it all. WordCamps are some of the most fun I had in my life and it is incredible to see a room full of people you admire and where everyone is willing to get to know you and learn more about what you do.

Arindo Duque – Founder of WP Ultimo

Sonal Sinha of SKT Themes

WordCamps are beneficial because you get to know the real person behind the businesses and can share knowledge

Sonal Sinha – Founder of SKT Themes

Shikhil Sharma of Astra Security

We always love to give back to the community by attending and hosting WordPress meetups and WordCamps. These meetups not only help us meet amazing WordPress enthusiasts and experts but also open up a plethora of opportunities.

Shikhil Sharma – Founder of Astra Security

Hans & Donata of Termageddon

We have attended many WordPress meetups and WordCamps all over the United States. It’s been extremely beneficial for us, from both growing our business to learning more about websites, meeting agencies, and becoming a part of this wonderful community.

Hans & Donata – Founder of Termageddon

Jean Baptiste of WP Rocket

One of the things I really love about WordPress is its community and everything you can find around it. Meetups and WordCamps are a perfect example. As a company, we have been sponsoring a lot of WordCamps for a long time and encourage our team to contribute as attendees, volunteers, or speakers.

Jean Baptiste – Founder of WP Rocket

Jason Resnick of NurtureKit

I’ve spoken at WordCamp NYC and attended countless meetups over the years and building the relationships from those have been invaluable to my personal and business life.

Jason Resnick – Founder of NurtureKit

Adrian Spiac of TranslatePress & Cozmoslabs

We’ve been attending and sponsoring quite a few WordCamps in the last couple of years and will continue to do so. It’s just a great place to be. It’s hard to imagine the WordPress community without WordCamps.

Adrian Spiac – Founder of TranslatePress

Maddy Osman of The-Blogsmith

I’m a multi-year co-organizer for WordCamp Denver and recently joined the WordPress Denver Meetup organizer team. I love speaking at WordCamps and have also spoken at several local Colorado WordPress meetups on a variety of topics.

Maddy Osman – Founder of The-Blogsmith

Gijo Varghese of WP Speed Matters

We’ve been attending and sponsoring quite a few WordCamps in the last couple of years and will continue to do so. It’s just a great place to be. It’s hard to imagine the WordPress community without WordCamps.

Gijo Varghese – Founder of WP Speed Matters

Yoni Luksenberg – Co-founder of Elementor

I love the WordPress community which is why I try to attend the bigger WordCamps. Attending events helps me feel the vibe of our community. It’s refreshing to hear about their daily routine, notice any new challenges they may be facing and that we can help with.

Yoni Luksenberg – Founder of Elementor

Istiak Rayhan of WPLeaders

The real power of WordPress is its community and I just love the community around WordPress. Though I haven’t attended any international WordCamps yet, I do attend local WordPress meetups. I have also attended WordCamp Dhaka.

Istiak Rayhan – Founder of TranslatePress

Tey Gardner of GreenGeeks

WordPress is something we care about deeply which is why we are an active global WordCamp sponsor. We continue to provide resources to WordPress to help it grow. We’ve attended 30+ camps in 2019 and have sponsored even more and we plan to continue our involvement in 2020 and beyond.

Trey Gardner – Founder of GreenGeeks

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