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Saad Iqbal – Founder of WPExperts

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I am Saad Iqbal, Founder & CEO of WPExperts. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. My educational background is quite diversified as I have done school certification in computer sciences, undergraduate studies in commerce, and my master’s in economics. 

During 1999-2000, my parents brought a Pentium IV (486) computer into our home, which was my early exposure to information technology, and made me curious about computer applications.

I have always dreamed of doing something different in the technology field.

The Journey Began

As I have mentioned before, I had access to computers at an early age. I have seen the era of IRC, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Orkut, Myspace, etc.

All those applications fascinated me, but I never thought one day I would be able to do business in the IT field.

One of my friends introduced me to online business in 2008, and I never looked back. I also worked on affiliate websites, proxy networks, and a few other things.

In 2011, we formed Objects, a digital agency, to provide various types of solutions to clients. While working for Objects’ clients, we explored several types of CMS and discovered WordPress’s demand and market.

We realized that WordPress offers many features that other CMS weren’t able to deliver.

As we had already gained enough experience with WordPress in 2013, we founded the WPExperts brand under the Objects agency to dedicatedly work in the WordPress space.

The Need for WPExperts

WPExperts Logo

WPExperts Logo

Well, I believe competitors are healthy for any business, and this should not stop you from following your passion.

You don’t need to restrict yourself from starting any business just because it has various types of competitors.

We figured out WordPress’ potential and forecasted its market growth at the right time. That’s why we laid the foundation of WPExperts to provide anything related to WordPress.

We found our business niche at an early phase, whereas other businesses usually take a lot more time. Our conviction towards WordPress has made us different from the rest.

When you do business for a market like WordPress, you can certainly face different challenges. We accepted new challenges for establishing a sustainable WordPress agency business and started to launch our own products in 2017.

Now, I am happy to say that we have achieved a sustainable business model within WPExperts. I am kind of optimistic and never consider any experience the Worst experience. In fact, I learned from such disappointments.

The moment we’re proud of is to become a ‘Silver Agency Partner’ with WordPress VIP (The first one from the MENAP region) and also a ‘WooExperts’ partner with WooCommerce (The first one from the MENAP region).

WPExperts Partnered with WPVIP

WPExperts Partnered with WPVIP

I am proud to say that we currently own 150+ WordPress & WooCommerce products, including Post SMTP, myCred, Wholesale for WooCommerce, and many more.

Last year we launched another exceptional product, APPExperts, which is creating a lot of buzz in the WordPress space and making us furthermore proud.

Saad Iqbal of APPExperts at WordCamp

Saad Iqbal of APPExperts at WCEU22

Myself with my Brilliant Team

WPExperts Team In Egypt
WPExperts Team in Egypt

WPExperts Team In Pakistan At Local Meetup

WPExperts Team in Pakistan at Local Meetup

WPExperts Team Enjoying At Beach

WPExperts Team Enjoying at Beach

Advice for Business Owners

There is only one piece of advice for business owners from my side, stay consistent and stay focused. Without these two attributes, you can’t achieve any success in your business.

Make sure to pick a niche where your interest lies. Every niche has the potential to become an industry within itself.


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WordPress & Beyond

We are targetting our agency business by onboarding more enterprise-level clients through WordPress VIP and WooExperts.

Also, we are working on our latest startup, “APPExperts.” (It lets you build fully functional iOS & Android mobile apps for WordPress users).

APPExperts is a cost-effective, time-saving, and free maintenance solution for those who want to build mobile apps for their WordPress websites. 

In the next five years, I envision that WordPress will become much easier to use. With the evolution of Gutenberg, we will see more powerful features within WordPress.

Furthermore, I think WordPress will be used as a framework to integrate APIs of different platforms. It will be highly adopted in enterprise applications with various types of integrations.

I don’t see any threat to WordPress as it is an open-source platform, and no other open-source platform comes even close to WordPress.

My Love for the WordPress Community

I attend WordPress meetups and organize them as well. I am the founder of the Karachi WooCommerce community and organizer of the WordCamp Karachi.

I have also attended multiple WordCamps, including ‘WordCamp Europe’, twice.

WordCamp and WordPress meetups really help us to meet different WordPressers and provide us the opportunities to listen to their stories and get unique inspirations from them.

You figure out the actual popularity of WordPress when you get involved with the WordPress community.

Overall, the whole WordPress community is nice and friendly. Still, if you ask to name a few: I would like to say Per Esbensen (CEO of Codeable), Marius Vetrici (Founder of WPRiders), Robin Scott (MD of Silicon Dales), and many others.

Saad Iqbal With Robin Scott At WordCamp

Saad Iqbal with Robin Scott at WCEU22

There are thousands of inspirations available for me in the WordPress ecosystem, but one person has inspired me the most and he is none other than Matt Mullenweg. The way he is heading Automattic Inc & open-source WordPress is praiseworthy.

Saad Iqbal With Matt Mullenweg

Saad Iqbal with Matt Mullenweg

How I Keep Myself Updated

I usually read blogs on WPTavern, WPBeginner, WPMayor, TechCrunch, and other tech news websites. This helps to update me about what’s going on in the WordPress industry.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in the WordPress ecosystem helps me to hunt new ideas and innovations to expand my business. I am very fortunate for running multiple successful brands in the industry.

I Have a Life Other Than the Work

I like to spend my holidays with family and friends. I have already traveled to 14+ countries so far. Till now, Egypt has been my favorite destination, and I have a business partner Ahmed Salah over there who handles WPExperts’ Egypt office.

I like having pets and used to have many, but currently, I am not keeping any as my daughter is a bit sensitive.

I Reward Myself by 

I reward myself by traveling to other countries with my family, discovering new places, and trying unique cuisines.

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