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December 21, 2023 / News & Updates / 0 comments

What a fantastic way to wrap up 2023! We’re excited to announce that we’ve published over 100+ captivating interviews, and our popularity and reader base have been steadily growing. And we have more interviews lined up; 2024 is looking like a good year.

This year, we had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Asia and WordCamp Europe, where we connected with fascinating individuals from all corners of the globe.

It’s heartening to witness our community returning to normalcy in 2023, and we’re already brimming with excitement for more WordCamps in 2024, where we’ll have the chance to meet people face-to-face.

As we celebrated the 20th anniversary of WordPress this year, it’s remarkable to witness the tremendous growth of the WordPress ecosystem over the past two decades. WordPress not only connects us all but also enables many of us to thrive by offering WordPress products and services.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of different industries, we’ve witnessed AI becoming mainstream and transforming the way we work, search for information, and seek assistance.

As a close-knit WordPress community, we must embrace and integrate these advancements into our workflows, enhancing our efficiency and productivity.

"Learn AI Deeply" - Matt Mullenweg - WordPress
Matt Mullenweg at State of the Word 2023, Madrid, Spain.

At WPfounders, our mission remains unchanged: to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to contribute to WordPress, establish their own identities, and launch new ventures. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every founder who has contributed to our shared mission by sharing their remarkable stories with us.

Attracting fresh, talented individuals from diverse backgrounds remains one of the greatest challenges the WordPress ecosystem faces. This is the common problem that we, as a community of founders, need to address for the continuous growth of WordPress.

We’re immensely grateful to our sponsors, EWWW Image Optimizer and The WP Minute, who have played a vital role in keeping WPfounders up and running.

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To celebrate this milestone, we’ve compiled the crème de la crème of advice from each of our 100+ interviews. Get ready to dive into a treasure trove of wisdom and insights!

Reading an entire story might take a bit more of your time, so we compiled one piece of advice from each story to showcase in a single post.

    1. Nicolas Lecocq – OceanWP
    2. Trey Gardner – GreenGeeks
    3. Robert Abela – MelaPress (WP White Security)
    4. Istiak Rayhan – WPLeaders
    5. Davinder Singh – Smart Web Creators
    6. James Rose – Content Snare
    7. Gijo Varghese – WP Speed Matters
    8. Dusty Davidson – Flywheel
    9. Yoni Luksenberg – Elementor
    10. Tom Fanelli – Convesio
    11. Maddy Osman – The-Blogsmith
    12. Oliver Sild – PatchStack (WebArx)
    13. Benjamin Denis – SEOPress
    14. Alex Panagis – ScaleMath
    15. Jan Koch – WP Mastery
    16. Adrian Spiac – TranslatePress
    17. Bridget Willard – WordPress Consultant
    18. Jason Resnick – NurtureKit
    19. Anthony Gordon – WooSignal
    20. Jean Baptiste – WP Rocket
    21. Nando Pappalardo – YITH
    22. Mario Peshev – DevriX
    23. Johnny Nguyen – WPJohnny & JohnnyVPS
    24. Michael Makijenko – Visual Composer
    25. Hans & Donata – Termageddon
    26. Bryan Muthig – A2 Hosting
    27. Brian Jackson – Perfmatters & Forgemedia
    28. Ivica Delic – Freelancers Tools
    29. Frank Goossens – Optimizing Matters
    30. Matt Connor – SSD Nodes
    31. Natalie MacLees – Simply Schedule Appointments
    32. Shikhil Sharma – Astra Security
    33. Nazim Ansari – iPage Solution
    34. Oliver Martin – NO LABEL Studios
    35. Joe Casabona – How I Built It
    36. Ben Gabler – Rocket.net
    37. Vito Peleg – Atarim (WP FeedBack)
    38. Shay Toder – Page Speed Optimization Expert
    39. Dave Swift – Profitable Tools
    40. Sonal Sinha – SKT Themes
    41. Adrian Tobey – Groundhogg
    42. Munir Kamal – Editor Plus
    43. Anh Tran – Meta Box
    44. Sebastiaan van der Lans – WordProof
    45. Jarrett Gucci – WP Fix It
    46. Baris Unver – Optimocha
    47. Ed Ellingham – Cloud Nine Web Design
    48. Mark Zahra – RebelCode
    49. Chris Badgett – LifterLMS
    50. Michelle Frechette – WPCoffeeTalk
    51. Nile Flores – Nile Flores Media
    52. Spencer Forman – LaunchFlows
    53. Shawn Hesketh – WP101
    54. Jamie Madden – WC Vendors
    55. Jason Tucker – WPwatercooler
    56. Arindo Duque – WP Ultimo
    57. Devesh Sharma – WPKube
    58. Chris Castillo – PDMS
    59. Andrew Palmer – Divi Sorted
    60. Todd Jones – Copyflight
    61. Amit Keren – Unlimited Elements
    62. Shane Bishop – EWWW
    63. Igor Ligay – Masterstudy
    64. Mizanur Rahaman – Theme Rally
    65. Tadej Bogataj – CartBoss
    66. Sam Mulaim – FixRunner
    67. Huu Thinh – Password Protect WP
    68. Lars Koudal – WP Security Ninja
    69. Laura Nelson – WooCommerce
    70. Rogier Lankhorst – Really Simple SSL
    71. Mark Westguard – WS Form
    72. Ivan Popov – Vipe Studio
    73. Per Esbensen – Codeable
    74. Todd Robinson – InMotion Hosting
    75. Saad Iqbal – WPExperts
    76. Amir Helzer – WPML
    77. Dan Barrett – NRCM Web Design
    78. Fernando Tellado – AyudaWP
    79. Morten Grauballe – one.com
    80. Joonas Vanhatapio – WP-Cloud.fi
    81. Saeed Threes – MC WooCommerce Wishlist
    82. David Rashty – CMinds
    83. Eric Tracz – Peepso
    84. Ashok Dudhat – WP Event Manager
    85. Basilis Kanonidis – creativeG
    86. Katie Keith – Barn2
    87. Florian Salman – WP Bug Detector
    88. Justin Ferriman – GapScout & LearnDash
    89. Thomas Koschwitz – GREYD
    90. Parvez Akhter – ThriveDesk
    91. Topher DeRosia – HeroPress
    92. Hossni Mubarak – WordPress Books Gallery
    93. Vikas Singhal – InstaWP
    94. Tigran Nazaryan – 10Web
    95. Hari Shanker – Automattic
    96. Raushan Jaiswal – Rara Themes
    97. Rob Marlbrough – Press Wizards
    98. Nazmul Hasan Rupok – WPDeveloper
    99. Mark Ashton – UiPress
    100. Robert Rooke – PressHero
    101. Aurelio Volle – WP Umbrella
Nicolas Lecocq – Founder of OceanWP

The one piece of advice I would like to give to anyone who wants to start their own business is to always listen to your customers. They use your product in different ways that you probably don’t know about and when they like it, they give you useful feedback and ideas to improve it.

Nicolas Lecocq – Founder of OceanWP
Trey Gardner – Founder of GreenGeeks

The best advice I can give is to find a niche that you know well and own it. You will increase your chances of being successful and enjoy what you do for as long as you’re doing it.

Trey Gardner – Founder of GreenGeeks
Robert Abela – Founder of WP White Security

The reality is that you need to put in the long hours of hard work, be focused, be patient, and ready to take some risks. Business is a marathon and not a sprint. If you are in it for an overnight success, or just for the money, you’re in the wrong place.

Robert Abela – Founder of WP White Security
Istiak Rayhan – Founder of WPLeaders

If you want to start your own business, do it in your own way. Just because someone is doing great at something, there is no guarantee that it will work for you too.

Istiak Rayhan – Founder of WPLeaders
Davinder Singh of The WP Weekly

Just because there is a popular plugin that does something specific, it should not stop you from creating something similar. You might end up creating something even better and become the next leader in that field.

Davinder Singh – Founder of Smart Web Creators
James Rose – Founder of Content Snare

Confidence tends to come through experience – and the only way to get that is to keep trying new things and pushing yourself to come out of your comfort zone. Over time your confidence grows which in turn makes it easier to get clients and charge more.

James Rose – Founder of Content Snare
Gijo Varghese – Founder of WP Speed Matters

Focus on a niche, Build a community, and Love what you do – One thing that I noticed in all my products/business is that whenever I built something that I was really passionate about, it went on to succeed.

Gijo Varghese – Founder of WP Speed Matters
Dusty Davidson – Co-founder of Flywheel

To other young entrepreneurs, don’t be afraid to hustle and do the hard work in the early days! It’s easy to look at Flywheel and not understand all the long nights it took to build the company we are today.

Dusty Davidson – Co-founder of Flywheel
Yoni Luksenberg – Co-founder of Elementor

Success doesn’t lay in a particular market or a product. Success will come at your doorstep if you solve a real pain the user is experiencing, and persist in solving more pains, and staying in communication with your potential customers.

Yoni Luksenberg – Co-founder of Elementor
Tom Fanelli – Founder of Convesio

My advice to startups—and especially WordPress startups—is INNOVATE. It is a great time to be in the WordPress market—probably the best in history, actually—and we are on the eve of some really big things happening.

Tom Fanelli – Founder of Convesio
Maddy Osman – Founder of The-Blogsmith

Don’t build something without validating your idea. And don’t rely on friends and family who love you to give you unbiased advice that will help you grow! It’s better to work with third parties who won’t be afraid, to be honest.

Maddy Osman – Founder of The-Blogsmith
Oliver Sild – Founder of WebArx

It’s very simple actually. Just make the first step – it doesn’t matter how small or big it is, it will get you to places you can’t imagine. Right now online conferences, remote working, and also mental health tools are becoming increasingly popular.

Oliver Sild – Founder of WebArx
Benjamin Denis – Founder of SEOPress

The key to success is Focus, focus, and focus on your product and customers. Internationalize your product as soon as possible: English first, then add languages as you go. And call on professionals for this important job.

Benjamin Denis – Founder of SEOPress
Alex Panagis – Founder of ScaleMath

Build an audience first or if you’ve already started a business and haven’t built an audience, start now. It isn’t too late. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, build or sell, start building an audience and then mold what product you build or how you serve people through the demographic you’ve attracted as well as what it is that you actually enjoy doing.

Alex Panagis – Founder of ScaleMath
Jan Koch – Founder of WP Mastery

From what I found, money comes almost naturally if you are helping others. You hear this over and over again and it’s hard to believe when you’re pressed for money. But as soon as you keep impacting others, they’ll start spreading the word about the results you delivered and how your business helped them overcome a certain challenge or problem.

Jan Koch – Founder of WP Mastery
Adrian Spiac – Co-founder of TranslatePress

Start a blog, grow a community, create an audience first. Notice what they struggle with and come up with a potential solution. Iterate based on feedback. They’ll tell you what to build. Leverage all your existing resources and knowledge. Don’t chase rainbows.

Adrian Spiac – Co-founder of TranslatePress
Bridget Willard – Founder of BridgetWillard.com

If you’re going to start your business, then treat it like one. Block out your time. This is important to establish your boundaries with yourself, your friends & family, and your clients.

Bridget Willard – a WordPress Consultant
Jason Resnick – Founder of NurtureKit

Keep your “why” front and center, because when times get tough and you feel like quitting, it’s “why” that energizes you to push forward. Whatever that is for you, keep inspiration in plain sight that reminds you of that.

Jason Resnick – Founder of NurtureKit
Anthony Gordon – Founder of WooSignal

Focus on making the product magical and keep pricing simple with as few ‘plans’ as possible to start with. You need to highlight all the goodies, features and show the net result that they’re expected to get from using your product.

Anthony Gordon – Founder of WooSignal
Jean Baptiste – Co-founder of WP Rocket

If you are able to identify the pain points of WordPress users and are able to solve them, you can launch a successful business. WordPress has an incredibly large market to address and is a powerful tool to build almost every web solution. As a result, this opens a lot of opportunities.

Jean Baptiste – Co-founder of WP Rocket
Nando Pappalardo – Founder of YITH (YIThemes)

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you must work mainly on your constant personal improvements. Not only the technical notion but mainly focus on your personal attitudes, such as communication, leadership, security, ability to make decisions, control of fear, management of emotions, etc…

Nando Pappalardo – Founder of YITH (YIThemes)
Mario Peshev – Founder of DevriX

As a proponent to SaaS, launching recurring revenue solutions on top of WordPress is always an exciting way to start a new business. WordPress is extremely powerful and provides a ton out of the box, and some SaaS applications may live as subsites in a Multisite environment.

Mario Peshev – Founder of DevriX
Johnny Nguyen – Founder of WPJohnny & JohnnyVPS

I understand people start businesses to make money. And quite often when they look to make money, they want to make money FAST. My advice is to stay away from fast money. Find something you like. Instead of looking for solutions to problems, look for things that you truly enjoy working with day in and day out.

Johnny Nguyen – Founder of WPJohnny & JohnnyVPS
Michael Makijenko – Founder of Visual Composer

A cliche… But, if you want to start something, do it now. “Now” is the best time. Adopt experimentation habits early on. Always draw a line in the sand, benchmark, experiment. Learn from the outcomes of your actions – and from others (there is so much great knowledge online).

Michael Makijenko – Founder of Visual Composer
Hans & Donata – Founders of Termageddon

Know your target market. We cannot stress enough how important this is. Because my background is being a web agency owner, there are little details that I made sure our application provided but did not realize how important those little details were until we had web agencies using the platform.

Hans & Donata – Founders of Termageddon


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Bryan Muthig – Founder of A2 Hosting

If you’re looking to start your own business, you’ll definitely want to learn everything about your industry, the market, and your competitors. Make sure to network whenever and wherever possible!

Bryan Muthig – Founder of A2 Hosting
Brian Jackson – Founder of Perfmatters & Forgemedia

Simplify anything that you can so that you don’t burn yourself out (which unfortunately I’ve done a couple of times). Some might call these life hacks or the 80/20 rule, but it’s important to take a step back and look at everything on your plate to see if it’s reasonable. Work isn’t everything in life, and it’s good to have a healthy balance.

Brian Jackson – Founder of Perfmatters & Forgemedia
Ivica Delic – Co-founder of Freelancers Tools

Pick up an area where you are passionate to work in and simply enjoy doing it – otherwise, you could give up pretty fast. Moreover, assemble a good and reliable team ‘cause you can’t do it all by yourself – well, at least, you can’t do it with high-quality output. “Think big, start small.”

Ivica Delic – Co-founder of Freelancers Tools
Frank Goossens – Founder of Optimizing Matters

I’m a firm believer in scratching one’s own itch: have fun, experiment, find a problem, and try to solve that. When your solution works for you, put it out there and see if it’s useful for others. If it is not you’ve at least solved your own problem and gained knowledge & experience. If it is, you just might have found a product for yourself to nurture, grow, and conquer the world with (or at least a small part of it).

Frank Goossens – Founder of Optimizing Matters
Matt Connor – Founder of SSD Nodes

Just stop hesitating and start something. Start somewhere. It will obviously never be perfect to begin with, but the sooner you start, the sooner you can learn and start iterating. You honestly need much less than you think to start.

Matt Connor – Founder of SSD Nodes
Natalie MacLees – Founder of Simply Schedule Appointments

I dreamed for so long about owning a business and working for myself – my biggest regret in life is that I waited so long to do it. I was afraid, and I let that fear hold me back from doing what I really wanted to do. Starting my own business was absolutely the right decision for me – while I had never managed to keep a job longer than three years.

Natalie MacLees – Founder of Simply Schedule Appointments
Shikhil Sharma – Founder of Astra Security

Starting any business is a bit more difficult than the glorified news we read but it’s better than the tedious routine of a job. Almost all the time, it’s worth taking that flight. It’s a beautiful journey where you evolved as a person and put a dent in the universe in your own little way. Each one of the above has room for innovation. If you’re ready to do something differently, a business can be built.

Shikhil Sharma – Founder of Astra Security
Oliver Martin – Founder of NO LABEL StudiosOliver Martin – Founder of NO LABEL Studios

I’ve since realized that to be unique and an expert in my field I don’t have to niche down to a specific client type, but instead niche down on what tools I work with so that I can attract a wider audience and deliver my best work to my clients, regardless of what type of agency they are.

Oliver Martin – Founder of NO LABEL Studios
Joe Casabona – Founder of How I Built It

You should do some research before you start your business to make sure it’s worth the risk. Even good ideas are Risky Business! Dig in and make sure what you’re building is something people want. We’re beyond the early WordPress days, where you could just build a plugin, theme, service and it would sell. You need to be willing to put in the work.

Joe Casabona – Founder of How I Built It
Ben Gabler – CEO & Founder of Rocket.net

My advice is to find something you’re extremely passionate about and go full throttle. I’ve tried to get into several industries over the years, but nothing excites me nearly as much as hosting.

Ben Gabler – CEO & Founder of Rocket.net
Vito Peleg – Founder of WP FeedBack

Do it! It’s not easy but there’s nothing like the feeling of building something from scratch and making it a success, whatever the definition of that may be for you. You have to understand that as the business owner you have complete responsibility for every single thing that happens within it.

Vito Peleg – Founder of Atarim (WP FeedBack)
Shay Toder – Page Speed Optimization Expert

Invest in yourself, Keep learning, and most importantly, do your things today so you won’t regret it in the future by not doing it. Take a mentor that will help you with your marketing strategies or a designer that can beautify your site i.e, whatever help you need.

Shay Toder – Page Speed Optimization Expert
Dave Swift – Founder of Profitable Tools

Don’t be afraid to pivot if you don’t have a path to success. That’s the beauty of starting small. You haven’t locked into one thing. If you want to create a new plugin or theme, I will start by developing trust in the community, not just selling hard or aggressively. Get your face out there and let people know you’re legit.

Dave Swift – Founder of Profitable Tools
Sonal Sinha – Founder of SKT Themes

If you start your own business in WordPress, you should focus more on customer service as the market is quite saturated. Also, many plugins and themes are already free and do an excellent job, so you need to check them and build better tools that attract more clients.

Sonal Sinha – Founder of SKT Themes
Adrian Tobey – Founder of Groundhogg

Here are 5 things I wish I had known before starting my own business. (1) Niche down early. (2) Build your business around the customer, not the product. (3) Being different is better than being better. (4) No one got rich and stayed rich by being the cheapest option. (5) Do more sales calls.

Adrian Tobey – Founder of Groundhogg
Munir Kamal – Founder of Editor Plus

If you want to start a WordPress business, Now is the most significant time ever IMO. WordPress is making a massive shift towards Gutenberg, opening up all the new opportunities for beginners.

Munir Kamal – Founder of Editor Plus
Nazim Ansari – Founder of iPage Solution

If you dream of something, just take action and do it your way. It’s never late to start. Never start something for the sake of money and do not get into the rabbit race. Know your inner potential and passion. Do something you enjoy most.

Nazim Ansari – Founder of iPage Solution
Anh Tran – Founder of Meta Box

Making great products! That’s the only way that keeps your business running. Other tactics are just short-term, a great product is long-term and will make your living. Remember that marketing a bad product is the shortest way to kill it.

Anh Tran – Founder of Meta Box
Sebastiaan van der Lans – Founder of WordProof

JUST DO IT. If you build a product business, learn how to develop an interactive prototype yourself. Especially if you want to onboard investors, make a product prototype before you raise capital. This takes out a lot of risk for your potential investors and therefore gives you better deal terms.

Sebastiaan van der Lans – Founder of WordProof
Jarrett Gucci – Founder of WP Fix It

Throughout my professional life, I have always had a motto of “Motion Creates Motion“. The easiest way to explain this is when you are unsure what to do, just do something. You need to constantly keep yourself in motion and active in your business.

Jarrett Gucci – Founder of WP Fix It
Baris Unver – Founder of Optimocha

Keep yourself updated, Delegate, and Always work globally. The WordPress ecosystem offers limitless opportunities to share your knowledge across the world, and even get paid for it! This is especially important when you’re living in a country with a “developing” (read: bad) economy; because you’ll be rewarded by everyone in the world in exchange for your knowledge and skills.

Barış Ünver – Founder of Optimocha
Ed Ellingham – Founder of Cloud Nine Web Design

Keep networking and communicating with potential clients. If you’re going to give away services, find a local non-profit, because they’ll appreciate it more. Invest in the right tools and don’t undercharge your clients. The cheaper the client the more hours you’ll put into the project. A client that doesn’t value you enough to pay fairly well also does not value your time while you work on the project.

Ed Ellingham – Founder of Cloud Nine Web Design
Mark Zahra – CEO of RebelCode

Always keep learning and trying new things, Don’t be the cheapest option, and Stop waiting, ship it. This is something I struggled with for a long-time, always wanting to perfect something before I put it out there. Although I believe you should always deliver a quality product, set realistic expectations for your MVP, and get it out there to start collecting some real feedback.

Mark Zahra – CEO of RebelCode
Chris Badgett – Co-Founder of LifterLMS


My biggest piece of advice for starting a business is to not do it alone. Much of LifterLMS’s success is attributable to the relationship with my business partner Thomas Levy. We have completely different skill sets, and could not have done it alone without the other.

Chris Badgett – Co-Founder of LifterLMS

Michelle Frechette – Founder of WPCoffeeTalk


Make a plan and get started. Hesitation, or waiting for perfection are the enemies of progress. Just start. Get something going. And ask for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to outsource and focus on the business part of your business. If you’re a painter, start painting. If you’re a web builder, then build a kickass website for yourself first, to showcase what you’re capable of.

Michelle Frechette – Founder of WPCoffeeTalk

Nile Flores of Nile Flores Media


These days, it’s better to try to delegate what you’re not that great or fast at, to people who you trust, and have mad skills. So, for example, if you like being the one to consult, strategize, and manage projects, then you’ll want to team up with people who are great at graphic design and development, and if need be, creating content.

Nile Flores – Founder of Nile Flores Media

Spencer Forman of LaunchFlows


focus on the E-Commerce and online services space, as most everyone has evolved their brick and mortar businesses to some form of online interaction and I only see this expanding exponentially.

Spencer Forman – Founder of LaunchFlows

Shawn Hesketh of WP101


Instead of focusing on your product and its features, spend time building your audience and asking questions. Only when you fully understand the challenges they’re facing and the problems they’re trying to solve, you can begin to offer solutions.

Shawn Hesketh – Founder of WP101

Jamie Madden of WC Vendors


If you want to start building a product, start building now. If you already have a job and you have some time, get it started on the side so that you can figure things out while still earning an income. Figure out your exit point is; be it a financial or happiness exit that is up to you to decide.

Jamie Madden – Founder of WC Vendors

Jason Tucker of WPwatercooler


Moreover, focus on the one you have a love for. With podcasts, you need to look at the things you can talk about at length that can show you have some passion and deep understanding about it.

Jason Tucker – Founder of WPwatercooler

Arindo Duque of WP Ultimo


find a niche with a very specific pain point that is not being catered to by anyone and create a solution that solves this particular problem well.

Arindo Duque – Founder of WP Ultimo

Devesh Sharma of WPKube


If you want to start your own business, do it now. Don’t wait for a perfect time in the future. Another thing building a business takes patience, it took me at least a few years before I started making enough to live off of it.

Devesh Sharma – Founder of WPKube

Chris Castillo of Team Propel Digital Media Solutions


Starting my business as a side-hustle had a unique impact on my perspective. I knew that I couldn’t focus on what other people were doing because my journey would take much longer than theirs, and I had to be patient and focus on my path.

Chris Castillo – Founder of PDMS

Andrew Palmer of Divi Sorted


Just start – you are as good if not better than the next person, have faith in yourself and your abilities and when choosing partners, choose wisely and if you can, find a mentor – it is invaluable!

Andrew Palmer – Founder of Divi Sorted

Todd Jones of Copyflight


Starting is hard and few people have a built-in niche like my friend Darrell did when he started. Start where you are. Learn to work with different types of businesses and then evaluate what you liked, what you did well, and who really liked working with you.

Todd Jones – Founder of Copyflight

Amit Keren of Unlimited Elements


My advice is always the same for anyone wanting to do something new or learn something new. DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Do something you love so much that you don’t even notice that time is going by. Do something that you are patient about and makes you excited.

Amit Keren – Founder of Unlimited Elements

Shane Bishop of EWWW IO


Find a need and fill it. EWWW IO started with solving my own problem, but discovering that I wasn’t alone in this need. There’s not much more rewarding than helping people solve their problems. You might not always get to see the fruit of your labors, but when you do, it’s very exciting.

Shane Bishop – Founder of EWWW Image Optimizer

Igor Ligay of Masterstudy


Business owners today must understand that their website has to sell and bring direct revenue. Every business niche requires its own approach, but the main idea is simple – develop a system (business process) inside. For some businesses, it would be useful to have a direct booking/appointment tool on the website or have a services cost calculator in front of the customer.

Igor Ligay – Founder of Masterstudy

Mizanur Rahaman of Theme Rally


We often tend to do complex things while starting a business like we want to build a lot of themes, plugins, and other things simultaneously. But it doesn’t work best this way unless you have a lot of cash to invest/burn at the beginning. I have learned this lesson a hard way. So I would suggest starting small, finding one idea to build at a time.

Mizanur Rahaman – Founder of Theme Rally

Tadej Bogataj of CartBoss


What I learned with owning a SaaS business so far is the importance of customer support and satisfaction. It is not the number of customers that you have but the satisfaction and listening to the needs of the existing ones.

Tadej Bogataj – Co-founder of CartBoss

Sam Mulaim of FixRunner


So I would advise any young entrepreneur who wants to start any kind of business, especially if it’s related to WordPress to focus 100% on it. Every minute you spend improving your product/service will help bring you success faster.

Sam Mulaim – Founder of FixRunner

Huu Thinh of Password Protect WP


If you want to start your own business, just do it, don’t hesitate, since opportunities can slip through our fingers in just a wink of an eye. The pandemic has taught me that lesson.

Huu Thinh – Founder of Password Protect WP

Lars Koudal of WP Security Ninja


Start now, today – while you have a job or you are still studying. This will give you income and security while you prepare for going full-time. It is a process that can take longer than you expect.

Lars Koudal – Owner of WP Security Ninja

Laura Nelson of WooCommerce


The best advice I could give is to keep updated with what’s going on in technology and its advancements, as we need to adapt things to what’s going on globally.

Laura Nelson – Content Marketer at WooCommerce

Rogier Lankhorst of Really Simple SSL


I love building plugins. I would always recommend starting building a plugin and building it as a freemium model. I think even if there’s already a plugin doing it, there’s always room for something new that may do a bit better with better support and a better UX.

Rogier Lankhorst – Co-Founder of Really Simple SSL

Mark Westguard of WS Form


As a plugin owner, if at all possible, avoid offering lifetime deals (LTDs). While LTDs offer a great way of generating upfront cash, annual or monthly recurring revenue will lead to a stronger business with compounded growth.

Mark Westguard – Founder of WS Form

Ivan Popov of Vipe Studio


My advice is to try as much as possible. A lot of talented freelancers out there want to establish their own companies, but they find it hard to transition from a developer to a CEO of XYZ company.

Ivan Popov – Founder of Vipe Studio

Per Esbensen of Codeable


New businesses in the WordPress ecosystem should find a way to embrace and involve the community within your product. The Open Source DNA for WordPress is about collaboration and sharing, finding a way to enable and work together. Then believe in your idea, don’t take no for an answer, and get out of the office.

Per Esbensen – Co-Founder of Codeable

Todd Robinson of InMotion Hosting


Based on my experiences and knowledge, I mentor and educate so passionate people can have a clear understanding of the challenges that are ahead, as well as, the education to overcome them.

Todd Robinson – Co-Founder of InMotion Hosting

Saad Iqbal of WPExperts


Well, I believe competitors are healthy for any business, and this should not stop you from following your passion. You don’t need to restrict yourself from starting any business just because it has various types of competitors.

Saad Iqbal – Founder of WPExperts

Amir Helzer of WPML


Our WordPress plugins are growing nicely. We’re always working to build more value for our users. Business follows the value that we create.

Amir Helzer – Founder of WPML

Dan Barrett of NRCM Web Design


And that’s my main piece of advice. Go with your gut, understand what works for you and follow that path because it’s the path that will give you the most satisfaction and the most happiness.

Dan Barett – Founder of NRCM Web Design

Fernando Tellado of AyudaWP


I am not the one to give advice about online business, because I have made many mistakes, but perhaps I would advise avoiding creating companies with friends.

Fernando Tellado – Founder of AyudaWP

Morten Grauballe of one.com


Is anyone else doing what you want to do? How would you do it better? Build your MVP and let experts validate it. Go to WordCamps and talk to people. Let experts try your product and take their feedback in.

Morten Grauballe – CPO of one.com

Joonas Vanhatapio of WP-Cloud.fi


Don’t sell yourself short, but always strive to deliver more than what’s expected. And the key to delivering a good product is understanding the user.

Joonas Vanhatapio – Founder of WP-Cloud.fi

Saaed Threes of MC WooCommerce Wishlist


By staying up to date on the latest trends and developments in the field, you can better position yourself and your business for success.

Saeed Threes – Founder of MC WooCommerce Wishlist

David Rashty of CMinds


Build partnerships with other businesses in the WordPress industry. This can help you to increase your visibility.

David Rashty – Founder of CMinds

Eric Tracz of Peepso


You can be the best developer or a business person out there, but if the product or at least the idea/direction is not solid. You can’t make it. It’s a jungle out there.

Eric Tracz – Co-Founder of Peepso

Ashok Dudhat of WP Event Manager


Establishing WP Event Manager itself was a big challenge for all of us as it was started at a time when almost all businesses were suffering due to lockdown, social distancing, long-term illness, and more.

Ashok Dudhat – Founder of WP Event Manager

Basilis Kanonidis of creativeG


If you start an agency now, I believe that you need to be ultra-focused. Things like AI should be your top priority to learn and make your own. If you are willing to get into general things like Plugin & Theme business etc, I would tell you no.

Basilis Kanonidis – Founder of creativeG

Katie Keith of Barn2 Plugins


I waited far too long to start my own business – and when I finally did it, I never looked back. If you’re thinking of starting a business, my advice is to just do it! Get to work, work hard and smart, and launch a minimum viable product as quickly as possible.

Katie Keith – Co-Founder & CEO at Barn2 Plugins

Florian Salman of WP Bug Detector


When it comes to launching a new product, my recommendation for fellow business owners is to prioritize the needs of your customers and verify their satisfaction as early as possible.

Florian Salman – Founder of WP Bug Detector

Justin Ferriman of GapScout


I followed the traditional university and then corporate career path, but always had a side hustle I was trying to grow.

Justin Ferriman – Founder of GapScout & LearnDash

Thomas Koschwitz of GREYD.


What you really need to focus on is how to make your WP software a sellable product. So focus not only on developing great features but also think about your target audience, marketing & sales processes early on.

Thomas Koschwitz – Co-Founder and Designer of GREYD

Parvez Akhter of ThriveDesk


Build a great product your product is the foundation of your business. It needs to be well-designed, easy to use, and reliable. If your product is not great, you will have difficulty attracting and retaining customers.

Parvez Akhter – Founder and CEO of ThriveDesk, ThemeXpert, & WPSmartPay

Topher DeRosia of HeroPress


If I had advice for people who want to start their own business, you need to realize very early that a business is not just the thing you love, but it’s a thousand other things that you probably hate.

Topher DeRosia – Founder of HeroPress

Hossni Mubarak of WordPress Gallery Plugin


Hossni Mubarak – Founder of HMPlugin & WordPress Books Gallery

Vikas Singhal of InstaWP Headshot


You don’t need a great idea; you need a pain point to hit upon. You need to understand the market and the features or capabilities that current products or services are lacking.

Vikas Singhal – Founder of InstaWP

Tigran Nazaryan of 10Web.io Hosting


While there are many niches to consider, I believe that focusing on developer tools can be a promising area for starting a business. However, it’s essential to think bigger and not just in terms of what’s popular today.

Tigran Nazaryan – Co-Founder & CEO of 10Web.io

Hari Shanker - Program Manager - Automattic


The most rewarding moments of my career revolve around the satisfaction of helping and supporting others. From supporting customers in my banking days to empowering Automattic users during my days as a Technical Support Engineer, I have enjoyed helping others.

Hari Shanker – Program Manager at Automattic

Raushan Jaiswal of Rara Themes


It’s essential to future-proof the products, especially with the changes happening in Gutenberg and the increasing use of Al.

Raushan Jaiswal – Founder of Rara Themes

Rob Marlbrough of Press Wizards


Advice for starting your own business I would say, Pursue what you’re passionate about and have expertise in. Hard work and dedication are crucial for success.

Rob Marlbrough – Founder of Press Wizards

Nazmul Hasan Rupok of WPDeveloper


So, my advice would be to take the time to be mindful, keep your mind fresh, and think about how you can create a better work environment for everyone.

Nazmul Hasan Rupok – Co-Founder & CEO of WPDeveloper

Mark Ashton - Founder of UiPress


You might face a few (or many) bumps along the way, but each one is getting you closer to where you need to be. Keep at it, tweak your plan when needed, and stay patient.

Mark Ashton – Founder of UiPress

Robert Rookie - PressHero


I advise business owners to retain ownership of their digital assets. Listen to others’ stories. You don’t have to make the same mistakes as they did if you just open your ears.

Robert Rooke – Founder of PressHero.co

Aurelio Volle of WP Umbrella


Whether in niches like hosting, plugin development, or agency services, the key is identifying gaps and addressing them innovatively.

Aurelio Volle – Founder of WP Umbrella

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